the people who make it happen

Felix Lohmann

PhD candidate. DBU scholar. Carbon nanomaterial synthesis and functionalization, carbon-radiation interaction, electrochemistry.

Olga Naumov

PhD candidate. DBU scholar. CNT synthesis and spectroscopic analysis.

Maximilian Wagner

PhD candidate. ESF scholar. Intermetallic alloys as catalysts. Former master thesis: High performance solid acid fuel cell electodes.

Hamza Hatahet

PhD cadidate. DAAD scholar. Interaction between metals and carbon materials.



Xubin Lu
Graphene synthesis and application in electrochemical devices
Amro Abdelrahman
Triple phase boundary activity of Pt in SAFCs
Elias Büche
Bachelor Thesis. Collaboration with Prof. Roger Gläser, University of Leipzig. Solid acid based hydrogen pump and water splitting devices
Shreya Nandi
Research intern. Co-advised by Prof. Wiedensohler, TROPOS. Studies of electrospray-aerosol size evolution. Nanoparticle synthesis.
Tovhowani Innocent Kwinda
Research intern. Mentor: Felix Lohmannn. Wet chemical synthesis of solid acid nanoparticles
Dimitrij Tschodu
Bachelor Thesis. Co-advised by Prof. Stefan Mayr. Titania membranes and ionic conduction on the nanometer scale
Patricia Schulze
Master Thesis. Surface functionalization of carbon nanomaterials and surface analytics
Maximilian Wagner
Master Thesis. Electrochemical characterization of solid acid fuel cell electrodes obtained by spraydrying
Ravikiran Chelur Suryaprakash
Master Thesis. Spraydrying nanosturctured solid acid fuel cell electrodes