The Varga group investigates the fundamentals of carbon based catalyst materials for electrochemical and related applications at the Chemical Department of the Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification in Leipzig, under the directorship of Prof. Bernd Abel.

We utilize state-of-the-art synthesis methods and novel surface modification techniques to taylor the functionality of carbon materials.


We utlilize in situ and in operando analytics and spectroscopy to explore the mechanisms of catalytic reactions in electrochemical energy conversion devices.

Latest Highlights

CVD Synthesis of CNTs

Carbon nanotubes synthesis via the standard CVD method is established. Collaborative research with Dr. Gottschalch, Dr. Blaurock and Prof. Krautscheid, Uni Leipzig.



OPen positions

Master Thesis

An interdisciplinary project for the characterization of the synthesis technique called electrospray will be performed for the purpose of fabricating nanoporous solid acid fuel cell electrodes. Joint supervision with Dr. Wolfram Birmilli, Leibniz Institute of Troposhpheric Research (TROPOS).